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Originally Posted by Pendejo View Post
Absolute nonsense.

The west is ripe with mediocrity. It wasn't too much more than a week ago that the Avs were fourth, or fifth in the standings. When a team is collectively skating with cement in their boots it shows a tremendous lack of effort. They got stomped by St. Louis...lost with a pathetic performance against the 'Hawks, and did their best impressions of cones for the Red Wings tonight. This is the worst they've looked, and it's because they're not playing hard. Tay-o-door has been left on an island.

I like Wolski, but he's due for another scratching. Right now he's the epitome of a floater. Parker needs to play more. The last I heard he had the flu, and wasn't injured. Scratch McCleod...he's going to be a good pest type...but he needs a break...the penalty he took tonight was stupid. Then again the whole chain of events wouldn't have happened if the refs wouldn't have missed an absurdly obvious high sticking, but that's neither here nor there.

The season's not lost yet, but they really have been playing like complete **** lately. It's not the fact that they've lost four in a row that bothers's how they've lost.

Three goals in four games and you think this team is putting forth a strong effort? They're not skating's as simple as that. They're lucky they didn't lose to the Wings by 15 the way they played tonight.
We don't have enough talent on the ice to keep up with a team like Detroit or Anihiem period, i'm sure part of it is effort but how long do you really expect guys like Mcloed to keep playing at that high of a level before they get burnt out..before are top three went down i hadn't even heard of some of these guys..bottom line is right now other teams just have more talent on the ice...when Stastny, Sakic and Smyth are all healthy at the sametime i guarantee things look a lot different and were scoring more than 1 goal a game...i'm gonna go out on a limb and say we win the Division and take the 3rd seed..just being optimistic. The season is far from over!!
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