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Yes a "slide" that ended with beating the defending AFC champs then losing to the soon to be AFC champs (for the second time)

Needless to say most people wouldn't count a 4-12 team from a year prior going 1-1 in the playoffs as part of a "slide"

There's nothing Tim Tebow could've done to beat the New England Patriots last year. Our defense has improved, yet we still just finished watching them march up and down the field on us all game. Modern league record for first downs given up in a game. PMFM couldn't make it happen. But the rook loses twice to the same team and you call it a "slide"
How many times does 8-8 get you in the playoffs? The difference in playoffs is and 4-12 isn't that large. We backed in the playoffs and got lucky as can be. As stated over and over Denver doesn't make playoffs if they miss a 59 yard fg, Novak makes fg, Barber doesn't screw up royally twice, Rivers doesn't fumble a kneel down, Rivers beats Raiders. Not only that luck we draw the only team we had a chance to beat and that was a beat up Pittsburgh team. Last year was fun but the end result was always known.
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