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Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
We're at the final four game stretch of the season. There are no more BYE weeks. The film is out and there is very little to hide with scheme. The stats are going to give a decent picture of what teams are.

Let's look at some:

Broncos 10-2
Total offense: 1st
Points: 1st
Passing: 1st
Rushing: 13th
Give/Take: -4 (bottom third of the league)

Total Defense: 27th
Points: 26th
Passing: 29th
Rushing: 7th

Two ways to look at this. One is the defense is bad. We give up a lot of points and a lot of passing yards. Losing Elvis Dumervil for the season and the injuries and suspension of Von Miller really did a number on our defense. I also think that we are 10-2 with a -4 turnover ratio speaks to some of this - but not all. Yes, teams have to pass more on us to keep up. Yes, we've had some turnovers. But at the end of the day, we are what we are. I think if we can get that number in the teens - especially the scoring part, we can be good enough to win a championship. But until then, don't hold your breath.

ugh...before the kc game they were 26th in points and yardage. Unfortunately our best defense is our offense
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