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Originally Posted by Meck77 View Post
Putin has lost his mind.

The son of a b**** might just be crazy enough to start a world war.
I looked at the article. It's the standard Russia bashing from the US press. What do you expect?

Putin start WW III?

He's done his best to avoid a confrontation. It was Putin who averted a global disaster last August. Obama was about to commit US military forces in Syria as a result of a chemical attack --

Putin stepped in and Syria agreed to give up its chemical arsenal.

Later we learned that it wasn't Assad who ordered the attack -- but Turkey. It was a false flag attack intended to bring the US in.

It's also possible the US was directly involved in the attack -- but this has yet to be proven.

But the bottom line is, Putin's smart diplomacy averted a wider war -- that could easily have gone nuclear.

I do agree about one point. If the US provokes Russia on its own border, Putin will not back down. If Obama is determined to start a war, he will get one. MHG
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