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Originally Posted by DenverBrit View Post
Your message came straight from the mouth of Stalin, you ignore all other sources.
By belittling the facts in favor of propaganda, you attack your own 'patriotism.'

Something you do daily with your anti American rants.

Try debating the topic with historical context and factual reference, not troofer nonsense. Go ahead, try it.
Stupidity transcends patriotism -- as Brit amply shows. No doubt, Brit is too young to have any historical connection to WWII. In this he is typical of most Americans -- including our president. Obama is too young to recall - and the same is true of his speechwriters.

In a real debate Brit and those of his ilk would find themselves a laughing stock -- because all serious scholarship agrees that WW II was won on the eastern front by the Red army. The US and UK invasion of Normandy was fiercely fought -- but compared to the eastern front was hardly more than a mop up operation.

In his latest PCR points out that some scholars argue that the turning point of WW II was not even Stalingrad - but the battle of Moscow in late 1941 - in which the Nazi drive fell short as winter set in that first year. By holding the Nazis to a draw -- the Russians won a major victory -- at huge cost.

Brit and the other ignorant Americans would do well to brush up on their history. PCR's latest is a medicinal pill for their historical disease. MHG

World War II: The Unknown War
By Paul Craig Roberts

In my June 6 column, “The Lies Grow More Audacious,” I mentioned that Obama and the British prime minister, who Obama has as a lap dog, just as George Bush had Tony Blair as lap dog, had managed to celebrate the defeat of Nazi Germany at the 70th anniversary of the Normandy invasion without mentioning the Russians.

I pointed out the fact, well known to historians and educated people, that the Red Army defeated Nazi Germany long before the US was able to get geared up to participate in the war. The Normandy invasion most certainly did not defeat Nazi Germany. What the Normandy invasion did was to prevent the Red Army from overrunning all of Europe.

As I have reported in a number of columns, many, if not most, Americans have beliefs that are not fact-based, but instead are emotion-based. So I knew that at least one person would go berserk, and he did. JD from Texas wrote to set me straight. No one but “our American boys” won that war. JD didn’t know that the Russians were even in the war.

JD had the option of consulting an encyclopedia or a history book or going online and consulting Wikipedia prior to making a fool of himself. But he chose instead to unload on me. JD epitomizes US foreign policy: rush into every fight that you know nothing about and start new ones hand over fist that someone else will win.
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