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Originally Posted by BBII View Post
Wrong. The insurance model only works if people who might need it purchase it before they're certain they WILL need it. Obamacare snaps this fundamental and immutable concept in half.
Did you miss the part where I've posted dozens of times that my opinion is treating health care as an insurable thing is idiotic? Hell, even the post you are responding to implies that.

Everyone also needs food and housing. You can't go around insuring everything people need. Because that's not what insurance does.
Unlike health care planning, no on is silly enough to think they don't need food and housing. It's a fundamental problem with human nature; we as a species are very, very bad at planning for the future.

Tens of millions of people will remain uninsured under the "A"CA. Are you going to be willing to let them suffer and die? If not, what exactly did the "A"CA accomplish, other than breaking the first principle I mentioned above?
Nice try, but we have not fundamentally changed the social contract like a purely market driven health care system would.
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