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Originally Posted by Ol#7 View Post
The software code was db2 technology which is a 30 year old technology not built for the web. It should have been written with browser friendly html5. He used a Canadian company CGI that was fired by Canada for their incompetence.
Let's get the facts straight.

1. First DB2 is database not a presentation or business logic layer and IBM has redesigned to support Web Operations. It not the best DB but it is industrial standard. They reused code and wrote their own, but it doesn't look like the government paid for EA upfront that are required for operation like this.
2. The CGI that won the competition is NOT a Canadian Company. The CGI America company that won is wholly owned subsidiary, because CGI America bids and win us DoD contracts, the law don't foreign direct control.
3. CGI won competitive acquisition managed by the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR). Past Performance is limited to only work that done in US and rated by CPAR systems. Cost and Technical Capability are usually higher evaluation factors then past performance.
4. Obama wasn't involved in the selection of the vendor.

I love the fact that Politicians and Media type that have no idea about development or deployment are making statements like they understand the technology or the process.

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