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But I haven't stated Elway is wrong for what he has done. If he doesn't really believe in Tebow, he should look for a different QB. But Elway needs to learn if you keep talking in the media so much for all you are doing or trying to do, you will at times end up with your foot in your mouth like has has here. Stating pubicly Tebow earned the starting spot was probably not the wise thing to do, especially since it appears he did not really mean it.
And if it boils down to his "belief" that only shows how bad he is at his job. It isn't about what you believe. It's about the results on the field. And we won with Tebow. That should be enough to buy him time to develop and grow. But I'm beginning to think it's not really about "winning" so much as "winning his way", when it comes to Elway. And "his way" is going to wreck this franchise if you ask me...
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