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Originally Posted by Agamemnon View Post
The way this franchise has handled Tebow has been nothing short of shameful, and if I was him I'd actually be hoping for a trade. The kid was all-in with the Broncos, gave his all every play, and they haven't even had the decency to allow him some development time despite all his 4th quarter heroics and a playoff win. I really never thought the Broncos would be that type of franchise. It saddens me to realize they are.
Well, you don't tell Tebow he has earned the right to be the starter, at least going into camp, and then a month later, look to sign Manning, who wouldn't be signed to compete for the job like some bozo around here thinks. He would obviously get the job while Tebow is left wondering if he can believe anything he is told by this organization again, especially after not being happy not being the starter going into this past season. Whether people like Tebow or not, reality is he is human and anybody would feel slighted and well lied to at this point in that they do not believe in him. So why would he want to stick around? People say, oh is is the NFL. True, but relationships are no different in the NFL. If you feel you are lied to and the team does not really believe in you, that is hard to repair. And really this isn't about how I feel, this is the reality of the situation and any of us would feel upset.

But I haven't stated Elway is wrong for what he has done. If he doesn't really believe in Tebow, he should look for a different QB. But Elway needs to learn if you keep talking in the media so much for all you are doing or trying to do, you will at times end up with your foot in your mouth like has has here. Stating pubicly Tebow earned the starting spot was probably not the wise thing to do, especially since it appears he did not really mean it.
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