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Originally Posted by Requiem View Post
It will be interesting to see how the market place rolls out. I will definitely be comparing my options there as opposed to what is offered through work.
You could lie about it also. There is no way for the govt to find out what your work offers for healthcare. You do realize you can't just take more money from work then go to Obamacare right? They system only works if you admit what employer offers so they know if you deserve a subsidy. I know you wouldn't lie but the govt is kidding themselves about this whole plan.

Young people will not sign up IMO in enough number to fund this thing over the first 5 yrs. Not sure about after that, maybe you could brainwash them to pay for older peoples medical care if you get into the schools and really hit it hard.

Whats going to happen is people will take more money from work to drop healthcare, go to the exchanges, lie, get a subsidy and make out like a bandit until the system either crashes and burns, or gts reformed with some apparatus to police it.
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