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Originally Posted by BBII View Post
Sure, if you want to solve a problem that I already said isn't really THE major problem with health care. In reality, it's a $40-$50 billion dollar problem in a $3 Trillion dollar market. If your cable, internet, or media providers ended up getting stiffed on less than 2% of their revenue, you'd hardly tell us that we needed a federal program to ensure they got their money. Unless maybe you were Algore.

Instead, solve the real problem (cost) and that problem, along with most the others shrink even further in significance. It's that $3 Trillion, that's the problem. Not the $50 billion.

The 800lb Gorilla with health care is that so few consumers really care what it costs. And costs will continue to grow so long as nobody cares.
IMO the PPACA is only the start. I've heard many good ideas out there from both sides about lowering costs while maintaining or improving quality, and most of them are compatible with Obamacare.

But if you don't think uninsured people presenting to ERs is not a significant problem then you didn't read TonyR's article. The evidence is very clear that it is.
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