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Originally Posted by BroncoBeavis View Post
I can quote you guys right here in this very thread who were calling that same O-Line garbage during KO's last few games. If they improved, Tim's run threat deserves at least some of the credit.

But my point here isn't really to rehash every argument we've had over the 2 years since. The fact of the matter remains that some of the most vocal Tebow bashers (even to this day) were some of the loudest KO excuse makers only a few games earlier in that 2011 season.

And they went from arguing that Kyle wasn't given the tools to succeed, straight to how Timmy was given every opportunity. If you went into year 3 thinking of KO as the best option coming out of the 2nd worst record in football, you've lost any credibility to ever criticize anyone on the topic of QB talent ever again.

Tebow may not have been THE answer. But he sure as hell was a better one.
That wasn't me. Regardless of why you keep posting this stuff, who cares about Orton? TT was a breath of fresh air compared to the stank of Orton, no one denys this.

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