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Yup, if Tebow were to be moved we'd have to go after a quality #2 guy. The whole move would initially raise as many questions as it answered. But I'll leave that up to EFX to sort out. They wouldn't go into such a thing blindly, and neither would Manning from at least a short term perspective and to a certain extent.
Thinking about it a bit more, I think the way they would protect themselves is by drafting a QB.

You bring in Manning and the FAs that come with him and you figure the team is championship worthy and so you draft a QB early, Tannehill or someone.

Then you've got the insurance in case Manning goes down.

EFX just better make sure Tebow doesn't become the QB some think he could become otherwise they're ****ed.

EDIT: KevinJames beat me to the same idea.

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