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Default Celebrate the 100th birthday of Remedios Varo

The art of Remedios Varo (Spain / Mexico ~ 1908-1963)

Celebrate the 100th birthday of Remedios Varo, one of the least known of the great Surrealist artists. Read about her connection with the Arthurian legend; or just enjoy her oniric paintings.

Born Again
(Nacer de Nuevo)

[Page 92] "The moment of discovery in Varo's rendition of the quest occurs in Born Again. It is the discovery of the grail, which eluded all but three of King Arthur's knights. The naked female breaks through a wall into a sacred space that contains the grail, miraculously full and containing the reflected image of the crescent moon. . . . It is an ecstatic moment, . . . entirely feminine because of the ancient association of the woman with the vessel and the moon, and because of the vaginal imagery presented in the tearing wall. . . . [T]he protagonist has become her own fate."

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