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Sure, he can improve...but he set the bar pretty damn low for himself. Clearly, the broncos won some games and he obviously had a part in them. He pulled off some heroics there. But in some of those games he was downright putrid as a passer. And that wasn't bad luck. He was mechanically inconsistent and he had little mental grasp of the QB position. I loved watching the guy play, my main issue was that he never really seemed to improve out there. He's an amazing athlete, a great football player, so i expect him to have his moments. And i think he has a place in the league (especially at the goal line), but im not sure what you saw that leads you to believe he's going to be some amazing thing. Show me how many QBs threw for under 50 percent and suddenly became accurate passers.
You mean other than Elway? Or Eli?

Wonder how many 8 attempt games they got dealt?
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