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Chris Harris

Originally Posted by Fedaykin View Post
I agree it's much more of an ensemble show than almost everything else on TV, though I would say that several characters emerge as the main characters (both in the books and the series): Dany, Jon, Ned (until he dies) and then Tyrion. Arya could be, but her story is so disconnected from the rest it's hard to classify what she is.

Anyway, I didn't realize that's "soapy" but OK =) I figured you were going to say it was too melodramatic or something like that.

It's doing a good job of being true to the source material despite the radical differences needed to make it a TV series. It's a very character driven/cerebral series, with a lot of the "happenings" going on in the character's head (Tyrion's chapters are generally a riot to read). The books don't have a ton of action. I would have been very upset had they converted it into a action packed, swords & sorcery type series.

It's been on my list, but I don't have much time for TV these days. Hopefully showtime has some sort of streaming option like HBO that will let me watch at my leisure.
Yeah I wasn't expecting it to be an action packed type of series but it is none the less lacking in that area. And the few action scenes of late have been terrible. I mean, some 6'5 duck footed women kicks the ass of that so called "
one of the best swordsmen" in that army, cmon.

FYI - Homeland info:

Congratulations to Homeland, winner of two Golden Globes including Best Television Series - Drama, and Best Performance by an Actress for Television - Drama: Claire Danes.

Season 1 is On Demand right now -

This is for sure a can't miss series. The acting and screen writing is as good as a featured film.
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