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Originally Posted by broncolife View Post
Short Term plan
Peyton Manning = 3 years of great qb play *if his neck doesnt hold up were screwed

Long Term plan
Tim Tebow= 10+ years of possible great qb play. * He doesnt improve and we need to get another qb.

Or Both

Manning going for the ring and Tebow learning under him.*If Manning gets hurt we will find out if our long term plan suck alot sooner.

Or new longterm plan

Manning for 3 years, draft a qb and have him develop under him.*Manning gets hurt, still wont know about our long term qb situation unless the rook lights it up.

I prefer the Both option since I enjoyed having the broncos relevant again. We probably had more media hype last year than the previous 10 years combined. So even when Manning retired the media would be exploding over Tebowmania again. More bronco news the better.Plus if Tebow did improve we have a great qb for years to come. One downside is if Tebow is willing to wait that long, and Im not sure if he would. I think he is in money making mode right now with signing of the agencies. He is also a competitor so I doubt he would like sitting on the bench that long. 1 year I think he would be ok with. 2 years maybe. 3 years hell no.
I really can't focus on your analysis with that avatar...good Lord!!! I don't see manning wanting the Tebow circus, if he comes I think he and Elway will both want Tebow for them both and it frees Elway up to get a more traditional pocket passer or two in the next few drafts to groom as a replacement. Tebow is a McD venture and I still see Elway getting rid of that when it makes sense.
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