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Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
Unless we get one people will always wonder if Obama lied about it. Thats fine though get all the dems who are running on the record supporting the cover up. Have them all on top refusing to call for a special investigator.

Your theory it should be handled by Congress the real killer of immigration and jobs. By naming a special invesitgator you free up Congress to work on important issues they are capable of.

They all have too many ponies in the race to be trusted. The repubs will push too hard, the dems will hide and obstruct. Smart move is a non partisan respected investigator to do a real job on it. Get to the bottom of whose idea this way, when the white house found out, and what they did after that. Every person at the IRS who had something to do with it has to be fired and maybe even get prosectuted.
You didn't even read what Darryl issa stated about the IGs report. You know the part where he says its nonpartisan.
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