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Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
Its not so much connected to Obama as it is connected to democrats. Its connected because it was their enemies who were attacked. We don't know when Obama knew, if he stopped it when he found out, if he didn't care etc. We will only know with a special investigator because his govt will cover that up. A President when he wants to show he isn't afraid of getting to the bottom of it will name a special investigator, or ask for one, however that works i'm not really sure.

Peace how do we find out if a President is involved? just take his word for it?

But the fact his main chick leading Obamacare for the IRS was the one who is really guilty and Obama trying to serve up some guy who started the job in May makes me even more suspicious.
A special investigator is not needed, appointing another ken Starr is just a means of spending the next 2_3 yrs distracting from what needs to be done ie immigration, & jobs.
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