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Bradley Roby

Originally Posted by Alec View Post
Let me ask you this, is it a Cardinals Choke or the greatest comeback ever by Houston?

I mean, even with all those losses, it required Houston go on an absolute tear to win the division.

The cards were up 7 games, but not to Houston. They were down 8.5 games to teh Cards, not 7. Further, they had to SWEEP St Louis in 4 games, then play something like 5 road games in 4 cities in 6 days to keep any chance at all alive.

I mean, of all the improbable comebacks in history, Houston (if they manage this incredible feat) will have to tops the list. Yes, it required an incredible choke job on the Cardinals part for Houston to do what they have done, but it ALSO required an incredible run for Houston to even be in the hunt.

Thats a fact!
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