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Originally Posted by TheReverend View Post
It's just too far.

I get portraying the torture as opposed to how he disappeared from the books for so long, but when they're cutting important parts of the books and allotting that time to Greyjoy getting tortured every episode... now it's just stupid.

I agree, it has gone beyond absurd at this point. We get it, they are doing mean nasty things to Theon. We no longer require a weekly update. I personally felt that presenting Robb with a piece of Theon's skin would have been more than enough to imply his fate. Plus, now the audience won't get the same surprise that he is actually still alive in a retched reduced form when his plot line picks up again.

Overall, I was kind of disappointed by this episode. I was expecting more when I saw that George R.R. Martin was penning it. He spoiled me with last year's Blackwater episode. Too many scenes felt like we were doing a mandatory check-in on characters to ensure the audience hadn't forgotten about them, without really advancing the plot. Poor Tyrion, book 3 did kind of push him to the side, but he really hasn't had any good scenes this year, nothing to come close to matching his Blackwater speech.

Still, I'm glad that Nicolaj had the patience to stick with the character for two seasons while the show set up his story, because he has been absolutely killing it this year. I would say that 2 of the 5 best scenes of the season belong to him.
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