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Originally Posted by Pony Boy View Post
Not sure where you got the idea that I own a scrapyard but that's false. I wish I could say I owned a scrapyard because that's a hot business to be in. People are cleaning up America by dragging every piece of metal they can to the scrapyard. I passed through Paducah KY a few months back when they were holding barges and there were barges as far as the eye could see piled high with rusted scrap metal, unfortunately all the barges were bound for China. If you got out more often you would know these facts and not make fun of scrapyards.
You own something that sucks. Don't remember what you told me, but I was like, "Oh damn, pretty worthless." -- So I thought of scrapyard.

At least I'm not going to post something like "I read a half a book a day" I don't think anyone belives that crap.....
Of course you don't want to believe it. Being well read obviously doesn't matter to you, but it must suck knowing that there are other people in this world who in a few months time, learn more through books than you have trying to do so in your entire lifetime.

Half a book is nothing. There are courses @ university that have you do 100 page PDF's every day because you will be tested on them the next day. Sorry you don't display initiative towards pursuit of knowledge. You would rather indulge in stogies, drinking and golfing. Wee.
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