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Originally Posted by Hogan11
It's also in the video for "Going To Hell" from Strung Out In Heaven if I remember right.

Maybe the Retrospect is the way to go with the Massacre because that's the only release I was exposed to and other than that standout (an admittingly great song) I didn't find anything more memorable on it...was it a lesser release from them in your opinion?
Yeah, most of their albumns are uneven (much like Guided By Voices) in part because Newcombe writes songs at such a fast rate and doesn't bother to edit out the bad ideas. Taken as a whole, however, the work is remarkable. The retrospective probably is the best way to go for a beginner, but the three albumns they put out in '96 (Their Satanic Majesties Second Request, Take It From The Man!, and Thank God For Mental Illness) are all excellent releases, IMHO. Strung Out From Heaven definately wasn't a good place to start. Go with the retrospect to start, and if you're impressed enough (I can't imagine you wouldn't be) go with Take It From The Man!.

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