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Simon Fletcher

Originally Posted by DenverDynamite View Post
I can see both sides of this. I've never personally had a problem with the name. Growing-up I never even considered it racist. I've read in a survey taken back in 2004 that 90% of Native Americans polled have no issue with the name 'Redskins'. My wife who is a card carrying member of the Cherokee Nation would fit into that group as well. However, would anyone on this board ever feel comfortable walking into a bar on a reservation and calling out everyone in the room as a bunch of Redskins?
Would anyone feel comfortable going into an Indian bar and calling them a bunch of fags? Anything coming out of your mouth in that way would get your ass kicked.

Seriously, when was the last time anyone heard someone call an Indian a "Redskin" in a deragatory way? It is only used as a football team name. Every other detail of Redskin is gone.
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