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Phillip Lindsay

Originally Posted by elsid13 View Post
No it wasn't a treasonous act but the correct tactical decision. Only in the movies does a undermanned lightly armed force attack and "win" against prepared larger force. The on the ground American response force didn't have either surprise, support fire or preparation to engage or win against this terrorist force. The correct action was to regroup, consolidate defense positions and prepare for follow-on attack (which they did). If they attempted to rush to the rescue of 4 Americans left at the other facility we would most likely be grieving over the lost of 26 additional American lives.
Spoken like a diplomat. I was in the infantry. It doesn't matter how many. When your buddies are under fire, you back them up. Period. Anyway, we're not talking about highly trained forces here. If some special forces guys show up and start laying down focused fields of fire on these little ****heads, I guarantee you, they run.
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