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Brendan Langley

I like the move. Shanahan is always thinking two steps ahead. I liked Young the best, I liked Cutler 2nd and he was there. Arguably in another year when you didn't have three of the most electrifying prospects to come out at their position (Young, Davis, Bush) Cutler is easily a top 5 selection. We never draft that high and through chance he slid. We made a move on him and I can't fault us for that.

I like Plummer. I think we can win the super bowl with Plummer. He has yet to do it though and i'm speculating. I would say when we have lost in the playoffs, he hasn't done enough to lift up our team.

I don't think we are in rebuilding mode. I think this pick is evident of that. We are just preparing for anything coming down the pipes. There is no doubt that Plummer starts next season.

I like this pick.
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