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Simon Fletcher

Originally Posted by BroncoBuff View Post

How did you so suddenly find this post of mine here, if you're not Rev-shadowing me?

I'm "owning you" off the board because you keep giving me "neg reps," complete with the RED indicators

Like I said, I'm not sure who you are, but I'm 99% sure you haven't always been 69bronco. Blue knows I'm not a big fan of this Witness Protection Program thread of hers, I'm too easily confused (I thought the Seahawks had traded for a new safety when Earl Thomas added the 'III' on his back).

But did you read what I posted? I liked the Rev really, right up until he started stalking me on the board ... and yes, ask Kaylore - I offered to close ny account if the Rev wanted to return. So there.
You should be in the Maner HOF for getting Rev to pack up and leave. Stop being a p***Y and realize that he didn't like you regardless of what you tried to mend the meaningless relationship and that you won. Why you would close your account based on you thinking we all wanted him back is questionable. He somehow lost it during the Orton/McDaniels debacle and probably something personal in his life. He was a narcissist and it was no lose. If he was the Rev when he first came to the board then by all means, bring him back but I think alcohol was involved too many times. Also, just because 69Bronco doesn't like you doesn't make it all one person. You aren't going to score points with everyone here so don't try to change based on it. In conclusion, don't be a suck up.
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