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Rubin Carter

Originally Posted by underrated29 View Post
I am pretty upset with myself.

I saw all the hype for this show. But I never watched it because I thought it was about a video game. Anyway- 2 weeks ago a good friend of mine made a facebook thing about how it is one of the best series on tv....

So I watched an episode. Liked it. Watched the one that just happened 3 days ago and now I am hooked. I am just super pissed at myself because I missed all of those episodes before hand.

Aside from some bigger name actors- like sean bean and such. There are a lot of people I recognize from other shows. I like that especially if they did a good job. One I remember was Ronin from stargate atlantis. I like him. And the Khaleesi-is so effing hot!!!!!

I feel way behind the 8ball, but if there are books on it and as good as you guys claim I will be checking those out for sure!
All 9 episodes are out on HBO on demand, also on HBOGO if you prefer to watch them on the tablet/pc. The books have been a surprisingly good/great read. I stopped 3/4 way through book three as I didn't want to color my view of the charactors any more than I already had. I'm kind of jealous of my wife as she has not read the books yet, so it is all new and the show can be taken on it's own merit. She loves it. Catch up as season two and three are going to be huge/even better than season one.
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