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Originally Posted by Raider Bill View Post
The friggin article the guy posted said Hanson "Excelled in the slot". He was a supprise cut to most Philadelphia fans, they were happy he slipped through waivers last season, as he was their best slot guy.

Great, you give one guys opinion who couldnt hook on with an actual NFL club. Reggie McKenzie has been identifying cheap talent for the last 18 years in GB. Bartell and Spencer are both on 1 year deals coming off of injuries so it's not like they are in the succession plan at CB, just a stop gap measure until we get the cap back in order and some draft picks in hand.

As far as the pass rush, they are going to have to send guys, but with Kelly and Seymour getting push right up the middle, it shortens the corner for Shaunessy and Houston (the most held DL in the league last year). Phillip Wheeler looks like a good blitzer something he never was asked to do in that dopey Tampa 2, and should mitagate the loss of Wimbley somewhat.

Hell just getting rid of Corkey Breshnahan at d coordinator should be good for half a dozen spots in the standings.

"Excelled in the slot" Liberal use of hyperbole when you consider the other two corners were Nnamdi Asomugha and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie.

Reggie did a great job watching Ron Wolfe and Ted Thompson do their jobs. I don't remember the Packers being 22 million over the cap with no draft picks until number ninety five. Rookie GM with a rookie coach that has zero head coaching experience at any level....What could go wrong?

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