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John Mobley

Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
Gunns when the President says he is on it I would think I shouldn't have to come up with any ideas to fix it. I am just a peon voter. He said he would fix it. He then said it was a model for his new healthcare plan. You would think he thought it was working pretty well to do that.

They could start by being able to fire people who perform like crap but I heard the dems in the Senate say no friggin way to that. Just more in DC you keep job regardless of how you perform.

The problem with your thinking is that before when it was a Bush presidency no liberals wanted to say well it's partly our fault as well. Nope they blamed Bush for everything.

Reap what you sow dems. Just wait until repubs get Senate and they start doing the rule changes dems did on appointments. Let me put it this way, it ain't going to be pretty.
OMG! Did you just start watching politics in the past month? God forbid you've voted. Every damn person that has run for President since I can remember (which is back to Kennedy and Johnson) has made promises that sound so wonderful and created hope that something would finally happen only to have it totally ignored or a half hearted effort given. No I don't agree that Bush is at fault for this VA crap. But neither is Obama. Both just followed the status quo and nobody gives a **** in our government for our most important people. And like I said this has gone way back and is nothing new. I can recall several VA issues in the past and it's a big deal for a while and then we're back to crap.
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