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Old Dude. I am pleased to say I have come up with an unbeatable mathematical formula for winning this game. Please don't tell anyone. Here's how it works. I will announce that I have written down all the names of the opposing team on little pieces of paper and tossed them into a hat. Each round, I will keep pulling out names until I pull the name of a "legal" target. I will vote against that person. Then I will tear that paper up and put all the rest back in, except for the dead people. So everyone else knows that once I vote against them, they never have to worry about me voting for them again. This way, I minimize my threat level. No one can get mad at me because it's random and nothing personal. And once I vote against someone, they might be mad for a moment, but their hatred will soon expire, because they will realize, at that point, that I don't pose a threat to them ever again. So they will have bigger fish to fry. As the game goes on, the pile of people that I have "nicked" in this manner will grow, and my threat level will get smaller and smaller to the group as a whole. What's even better is that the jurors can't even get justifiably mad at me, and I will probably not be part of the "execution team" very often. What's not to like? It's a perfect system if I can just get through a couple rounds.
Dear [deleted]. That would be an ingenious plan except for this part:

" their hatred will soon expire"

The problem is that they already hate you. A lot. And so do their friends. Even the people who don't hate you now will hate you as soon as you announce that you have "systemized" your mathematical killing system with no regard for humanity. Regardless of any of their pleas or protests.

Even if they don't hate you, they'll still kill you, because they don't trust you to stick to your system. They will constantly be worried that you will deviate from it whenever it suits your purpose, and none of them will really believe that your "draws" are totally random.

And they would be right, wouldn't they, you sneaky little snit.
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