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Originally Posted by quiettiger
Robin Trower is one of those hot and cold musicians that goes under the radar for years before anyone looks back and realizes what he really did. The more I learn about music the more I amazed at the number of quality musicians that get no recognition.
True that is.

Originally Posted by quiettiger
I picked up Los Lobotomys thinking I was going to get some new inspiration and was disappointed. I thought it would be fresh but it's just rehashed fusion from 30 years ago. It's probably new to the youngsters but I was raised on that stuff. I'll give it another chance. Maybe I missed something.
Are you talking about the first Lobotomys record?

That is, this one?

It was recorded in the late 80s, so some of the instruments might sound dated to some people's ears, but the tunes and the level of musicianship are slammin,' IMO. My faves are "Big Bone," "Lobotomy Stew," "Smell Yourself" & and "All Blues."

At any rate, if the first Lobotomys disc doesn't appeal to you, then you might prefer the follow-up:

This disc rocks a lot harder and everyone stretches out a lot more during the improv sections.

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