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It's quite debatable.

Who says the gun owners will all fight against the military?
Didn't say they would. Hypotheticals are funny like that. Like I've said, things would be pretty bleak on either side if military suppression became a thinkable option.

Not every free gun owner would fight. Probably not even half. But the military wouldn't stay completely cohesive and just follow orders in such a dire situation either. It's pretty dumb to even try to guess what would've had to happen in the lead-up.

But it's plain enough to anyone with eyes that a military struggling to keep a couple third-rate 3rd world countries under wraps isn't up to the task of occupying a well-educated country with the 3rd most populous (and by far best armed) citizenry in the world.

And as far as a Constitutional argument goes, like I said earlier... If you're saying current gun restrictions have rendered America easily occupied, then you're essentially arguing that current restrictions have gone too far and violate the clear intent of the Constitution and it's authors and ratifiers.

I don't necessarily believe that to be the case. The main thinking in my argument is that our Constitutional rights should never hinge on headline politics and child-flanked political grandstanding.
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