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Originally Posted by Armchair Bronco View Post
Yes, I can.

analogy: the act of comparing two things that are alike in some way

Germany and Japan were utterly destroyed in 1945 and were rebuilt from the ground up. Today they are solid, reliable democracies with 2 of the strongest economies in the world. Knowing this, was the carnage prior to 1945-1946 worth it?

The Broncos franchise was utterly destroyed by years of ineptness from Mike "Little Napoleon" Shannyham and a Scorched Earth policy practiced by his successor, Josh "Stalin" McStalin. Today, after being rebuilt by Elway, Fox, Miller, and Manning, the Broncos are a powerhouse once again and will be going to the Super Bowl.

The analogy breaks down in this respect: we can never know how things would have turned out if, say, Shannyham had been fired 10 years ago and been replaced by someone (anyone!) more competent. Maybe we would have 1 or 2 more Lombardi's in the trophy case by now.

Good grief...

You have tortured the analogy to be cute. You have compared a down period in a sport franchise's history to the deaths of millions of people. You then continue the weak sauce analogy by comparing two coaches for a sports franchise to two of the worst mass murderers in human history.

So when I say you cannot compare the two, it is because the two are not comparable. If you take football that seriously then you obviously need a new hobby.

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