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Originally Posted by Jason in LA View Post
This show continues to piss me off, but at this point there is no quitting it. So the episode was pretty interesting. The plan, all the prep work, and it all was working. Like an hour and a half devoted to that. All down the drain over some horn. The entire episode kind of became a waste. So even when something finally happens, in the end, nothing happens.
I don't even know where to begin. The episode was, by your admission, pretty interesting. Then at the end an eerie horn started blowing, portending doom for all and creating a mystery. This then makes the entire show a "waste."

So I guess, for you, the only way it wouldn't have been a waste is if the plan had worked out great, they're all safe, and that's that.

I have never heard anyone suggest that a plot twist renders the preceding plot a "waste."

Also, your defintion of something or nothing happening seems very strange. The things that happened in this episode include finding the biggest herd ever seen, trying to get rid of the herd, a plot against Rick, a fight over that plot, the guy in the plot getting his face eaten, the biggest herd ever is heading for Alexandria and cutting off all the best fighters, and a mystery horn blower is out to mess them all up.
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