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Originally Posted by TheReverend View Post
Btw, little noticed thing about Oberyn and Tywin (don't read spoiler unless you've read book 3)


Oberyn poisoned Tywin and he was going to die whether Tyrion shot him or not

"Where will I find my lord father?”
“In the solar with Lord Tyrell and Prince Oberyn.”

“Widow’s blood, this one is called, for the color. A cruel potion. It shuts down a man’s bladder and bowels, until he drowns in his own poisons.”

“Your father,” said Prince Oberyn, “may not live forever.”

The King’s Hand was rotting visibly. His face had taken on a greenish tinge, and his eyes were deeply sunken, two black pits. Fissures had opened in his cheeks, and a foul white fluid was seeping through the joints of his splendid gold-and-crimson armor to pool beneath his body.

...and of course the smell.

Dude, I completely missed that on my first read through. Awesome.


No wonder Tywin was in the crapper and appeared to be visibly struggling when Tyrian popped and arrow in his @ss.


Seriously, that is one thing that I truly regret losing in the TV adaptation. All the subtlety is gone. In the books you have to pay attention to realize how savvy and ambitious Margery Tyrel is. In the show, they kind of smack you over the head with it. I understand that they have to play to the cheap seats, but I really wish they would do more to reward those who are watching carefully.
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