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Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
Who told you that? My recollection is you tried to suggest the entire Mane was pretending Sanchez was awesome, and I pointed out that absolutely was not the case. Most were lukewarm and many felt he was terrible and saw him as a placeholder. This old thread that was bumped, because David Wooderson apparently came out of cryo-stasis and decided to login to his computer, just further proves that.

You were misremembering to try and leverage the idea that "the mane" was wrong about Sanchez and so they'd be wrong again about Keenum. I pointed out the Mane had a pretty good feel for Sanchez. And everyone quickly soured on him as his suck became patently clear.

FWIW, there aren't a lot of people here declaring Keenum awesome either. It's mostly optimism that he'll be better than Siemian behind a revamped line and with a better coordinator.
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