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Originally Posted by Broncobiv View Post
I tried to type a reply without being a grammar Nazi towards your use of the phrase "your point is mute." I failed. You're an idiot.

On a related point (the point about you being an idiot...see a theme here?), when did I say that the Chiefs Super Bowl didn't matter? I never said that. You were talking about Chiefs/Broncos postseason performances during your lifetime, so I kept my comments to that time-frame. Never mentioned your Super Bowl over 4 decades ago. That was "before your lifetime". Try re-reading my post again. Granted, re-reading it will probably do you no good due to your obvious lack of comprehension regarding the English language. But just for fun, please try agan.
God, I tried so freaking hard as well but I couldn't let it go. I can let bad grammar go most of the time but that is just a pet peeve of mine.
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