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Originally Posted by Drunken.Broncoholic View Post
I look at the Oakland As fans as being extremely loyal and passionate. But I see empty seats during a playoff year last season and empty seats this year. That ownership has dragged that team through the mud. Mount Davis screwed that stadium. But after all the bashing and empty seats at the end of the day they are still As fans. I don't know much about the AVs fans but I gotta believe alot of them cannot find themselves switching teams. Protesting and being fed up is part of being a fan of a team. When McD was here i got so fed up that I didnt go to the Oakland games for the first time since I can remember. But even being so mad at the broncos FO I could never find myself jumping to another team. I would throw up.
let the team not spend again this year and bring back Joe Sacco(who in the ultimate joke has been named HC for the Team USA in the upcoming world championships.)
the support for the Avs team has really sunk lately because the fans are tired of the BS that goes along with what they're doing.
the Kroenke's have no problem spending on the Rams and the Nuggets but refuse to spend on Arsenal and on the Avs.
the attendance has gone to ****, the fans are losing interest and eventually the team will start losing money if things don't change.

this is not like when then Avs were in Quebec and people supported them despite being the Clippers on pro hockey.
eventually if they don't get rid of the "Avs way" that Pierre LaCroix keeps preaching they will abandon the team and force some moves, either selling the team or spending on it.
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