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no it doesn't. 75% of people do that when a new team comes into town.
that's what happens when you get expansion or relocated franchises.
let Alabama get a professional baseball team and see how many Atlanta Braves fan disappear and start rooting for the Bama team.

it's a fairly natural reaction. i don't care for any local teams. all my favs or northern or midwest. Broncos,Avs,Yankees,Bulls,Man U,Michigan Wolverines & etc.
the only teams i like in the same state are the Broncos and Avs.

if a pro football team came to Alabama i would still be a Broncos fan, but most of the state is turning from Jacksonville,Miami,Atlanta,Tennessee,Tampa Bay & etc close teams and into the new Bama pro team's fan. of course Bama won't get a pro team due to severe issues with gambling and folks hating to pay for stadiums.

It doesn't make it right though. Following a team your entire life then all of a sudden change it just cause a new team comes to your town? Just doesn't make sense to me. A fan for life is something to be proud of.
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