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Peyton Manning

Originally Posted by amesj523 View Post
I've just been busy - i've got a full life - so really - the only times i've got to post - are here when i'm at work - and even then - i'm working on my magazine 35% of the time (I got lots of content, now i'm working on fonts, and borders, etc) -

That and some people don't rep back, so i'm sorta tired of it not being even-steven.

I'm ready for the season to start though - and i dunno - lots of good things seem to be on their way.

Hiya Clavi! That's great about your magazine but definitely alot of hard work! As far as people not repping back that sucks, I've been slacking myself. Anyways I'm looking foward to football too, I should be able to watch MNF against faiders @ my home!
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