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Originally Posted by BroncoBeavis View Post
As other people have gotten at, it'll come down to two factors. Red Zone performance and turnovers. Outside of that, it's a track meet between the 20's.

And the red zone winner will be determined by who's better against the run.
Redzone Defense + Offense + Turnover + ST. determined the winner

From my point of view this is the game in which Fox/Del Rio have to earn their paycheck.

If you look back to the PO Game in 05 the Pats had the better Roster(by miles). we had to outcoach them and have to get all things our way (Fumbles, 100 YD Return etc.)
This time is different.

If you compare the roster one and one I see a slight advantage for denver + Homefield.

So we basically have to take care of ourselves(no turnovers) and must get some plays on defense.
So it is up to Fox/Del Rio to hold them to 24-21 Points(if we do not score on offense we do not deserve it) and get players ready. they must not hope for some crazy stuff to have a shot in that game(like in 05, or in the wc game against the steelers). Just play solid defense.
Billy Boy won a superbowl when they had a WR play the nickelback.
fox has one of the best offense ever. your job mister fox.
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