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Originally Posted by chadta View Post
i expect us to sell the players you mentioned and still try an pick something up, honestly i dont think smith is really much better then hatcher at this point, kapanen should just be waived nobodys gonna want him, knuble may be usefull to somebody but i dont really expect much for him, that clears alot of cap room to get carter ane umberger signed next year.
I kinda disagree. Kapanen still has speed and plays with more energy then alot of players in this league. I don't expect to get much at all but I can see how some playoff teams could covet him.
Jason Smith is extremely physical and let's not forget he was a Captain in Edmonton as well as with the Flyers. That leadership and experience is as important come playoff time as someone who put's the puck in the net. I think we could get a 2nd rounder or high prospect for him.
Knuble, like I said before, is useless at even strength. With that said, he is either first or second in the entire NHL in PP goals (16). We all know that special teams make or break teams in the playoffs. I think Knuble could get us more then he should command.

It all depends on how many teams get involved. If only 1 team wants Knuble, it will be hard to extract more then that team is originally offering. If more then 1 team wants any of the above players, we can use them against each other and milk them like a cow.

With the news about Richie, I am on the fence on what direction I want this team to go the rest of the way. If Richie is out 3 weeks, Gagne out for the year, Lupol out at least 2 more weeks, Downie out who knows how long, it might be time to "hope" we finish in the bottom 5 for draft position. Even if we turn it around and sneak into the playoffs, we have little hope with all these injuries.

I heard rumbles at the game last night that the Flyers were going after Hossa, Tangay, and Dan Boyle. I doubt any of those names will be coming to Philly after Richie's injury. Although, if we could get Boyle, I would do it. He is a #1 D-man in this league. Carter and a pick.

Chad, the good news is, giving up the tying goal with 3 seconds left and Richie being out 3 weeks is officially "rock bottom". Can't get any worse from here.
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