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I've been spinning a lot of Yo La Tengo lately as well. I don't know how they flew under my radar for so long. What a great band. I just picked up Fakebook, which features 5 orginals and 11 covers, some from largely unknown bands like The Scene Is Now, and others from staples like Cat Stevens ("Here Comes My Baby") and the Kinks ("Oklahoma USA"). Highly addictive stuff. I even put in order on Amazon for albumns by the aforementioned The Scene Is Now as well as another covered band, NRBQ. So not only does this band entice the ears, but they also spread the gospel of bands who I otherwise might have never heard of!

If you've never listened to them before, start with I Can Hear The Heart Beating As One. It's an eclectic mix of sounds ranging from noisy ear candy a la The Jesus and Mary Chain, to alt/roots-country, to electronica, to 60s pop, and more. They even do a noisy cover of the Beach Boys "Little Honda." This record's got it all. A true pleasure. I can't recommend this band enough.

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