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Floyd Little

Originally Posted by Nuggets4

Just put a few CD's in serious rotation for my Costa Rica trip.

Sting - "Soul Cages"
Social Distortion - "Social Distortion"
Social Distortion - "Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell"
LL Cool J - "All World"
Ben Folds Five - "Naked Baby Photos"
Everclear - "So Much For The Afterglow"
Jason Mraz - "Tonight, Not Again"
Jimmie's Chicken Shack - "Bring Your Own Stereo"
The Mars Volta - "Frances The Mute"
My Chemical Romance - "Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge"
Costa Rica? How is it down there? I've heard it's the place to go if you wanna go to Central or South America (besides Argentina, that is)

I hated Everclear after Sparkle And Fade..they became wayyy to preachy and whiney for my liking. I've heard a lot about The Mars Volta, but nothing by them as of yet.....what I've read has been interesting.

As for what I'm listening to now, I'm going through the entire Southern Culture On The Skids catalog trying to make up a "Best of" mix for a friend....if you ever get the chance to see SCOTS live then do'll be cheap and hilarious....they blend rockabilly/surf/country and straight ahead rock all filtered through a humorus take on living in and being from the south.

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