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The US just isn't very good. The expectations for this team are way to high. The only reason we play in world cups is because our region is so weak; the US is not a top 32 team.

I mean, it's pretty bad when 4 of your best players are Germans that have no chance to play for Germany, and since their fathers are American servicemen, they take the opportunity to at least get consistent playing time at the international level and be a part of some world cups by joining the US instead.

When the US does get a real quality player (Rossi) who was raised in the states, he takes the chance to play for Italy instead. Can't say I blame him, it's just a reflection on how bad the US team really is and a nod to his exceptional skill level that he can actually play for a quality top international side.

Outside of Dempsey, Howard, and Bradley, the rest of the top 24 players are either not playing regular club football, or playing in 2nd/3rd tier leagues, or plodding away on sides that are fighting relegation or if lucky, mid table. These guys also generally aren't getting the experience of playing in the champions league; if they are lucky, maybe they get some europa league action every few years or so. That's just not a good place to be drawing the majority of your international players.

Look at Cameron for example, how horrible he played. At this level, you shouldn't be having to play a guy out of position at center back. You play guys out of position in midfield or forwards, and it's usually to get your absolute best 11 on the field, not because of a necessity from lack of depth and talent. Oneywu, who is supposed to be one of our better center backs, can't even get playing time at Malaga and isn't called up. Bocenegra plays for a 2nd tier Spanish side. Also he's our captain, but he can't crack the starting 11 to kick off world cup qualifying in an environment where his veteran leadership could have been utilized.

The team is just a mess and has been for awhile. They just don't have any real international talent outside a handful of players.

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