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Pat Bowlen

Originally Posted by 400HZ View Post
10x better than what we had, even coming off a down year (for him). I was pretty disappointed the Queefs snatched him right before our pick in 2008. We ended up with Antoine Cason instead.
How's your secondary coach? If he was coming here I'd have every confidence he was going to improve. McCoy is a good coach and while not all of his hires I am a fan of, some were pretty savvy and they may get Flowers where he needs to be again. You can see the difference in play from '12 to '13 at several positions and a lot of that is coaching.

One thing underrated about our coaching staff is their ability to develop players, both new and old. This means no matter who we sign they are going to be at least as good as they were on their previous team and probably better. Bronco fans take for granted that a lot of the guys who come here and play over their heads.

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