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Originally Posted by Drunken.Broncoholic View Post
Popovich will do the hack a Howard. Any rythem or momentum that the lakers will get in a game will get slowed down by the fouls on Howard. It's almost like how a timeout slows a teams run in a game. Nash does not matchup well against Parker. Past head to heads prove it. Where the spurs will suffer is in rebounding. Offensive rebounds will be given up. Tons of them. Diaw being off the court doesn't help them. Bonner being on the court is even worse for the spurs. Bonner and Blair couldn't defend a bush. And neither can hit the ocean shooting it. Even without Kobe they can beat them If they shoot a high percentage.

Pop expected the lakers to have 8th seed and didnt care about taking the 1 seed by resting everyone for the last several games. Backfired on him and now they are in danger of losing 1st round.
Lakers will be happy to slow the game down with the hack-a-howard. Gives the veterans on the lakers more rest.

Nash won't be counted on to be a factor,
He's lost a step and dealt with too many injuries this year. Howard and Pau will be effective vs the Spurs front court players.
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