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Juicy Jewel

Originally Posted by Hogan11 View Post
Okay Bronx...I just gotta know. In your personal opinion, is the set worth it?

I know that may seem like a crazy question on the surface, but I'm a guy who's bought the same six albums over and over and over again due to all sorts of stuff that I consider to be outright scams (the endless remixes, the stray bootleg studio outtake tacked on, etc.) and now they offer this...Another box set, this time in 5.1 sound, with even more semi-rare outtakes (and that's stretching it), video DVD's and all in the very dreaded (IMO anyways) digipak format and for what? $120 to $150 smacks. Now, I'm a huge Doors fan, some would even say manical..but even I have been pushed to the limit with this kinda I ask it worth it to, yet again, pay for the same music with yet the same promises surrounding it's release??

I was that guy as well lol, i haven't bought the box set i was just posting it's release will i buy it (i don't know) guess i will wait to see if it's the same stuff in a different wrapper again but iam not going to run out and buy it right now. Probably the same stuff IMO but like you iam a big doors fan so guess ill wait and see.
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