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Randy Gradishar

Originally Posted by Peoples Champ View Post
True, but when they were 9-0 they were calling for Reid to be coach of the year. Now they are blaming him.
Yep -- they were insufferable, to be sure. They believed in the hype and that their team's undefeated record meant something other than an unprecedented string of injuries to their next opponent's starting QB. They fully expected to be competitive with the NFL's elite teams. Now, reality (in the form of 3 consecutive division losses) has hit them upside the head and they're looking for a scapegoat.

But there's still some validity to criticism of Reid's clock management -- if I were a Chefs fan, I'd be thinking he should have shown a bit more urgency in getting down the field to score and saved enough time on the clock to perhaps score again or to have a chance to get the ball back again in the event that the second effort at a scoring drive was unsuccessful. By being so lackadaisical about the time, he put the clock into play as a game-deciding factor.
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